Laboratory of computer systems

Computer laboratories

In the institute building, at the corner of Oleska and Czaplaka streets, there are computer laboratories of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science. The studio is open for students of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science with an active account in the ECLIPSE domain during non-teaching hours.
Before entering the studio, leave your student ID at administrator’s (room 107).



  • IT building, room 107INF / tel. (77) 452 7229 w. 7229
  • e-mail:

Access Control System

An Access Control System operates in the institute building at the corner of Oleska and Czaplaka streets. The person appointed to issue access cards to students is IMiI employee Mr. Władysław Makuchowski tel. (77) 452 7226 ext. 7226, e-mail:
In case of its loss, the access card holder is obliged to immediately, in writing, by phone or via e-mail inform the Administrator of the Access Control System or the person designated to issue cards to students. The rules for reporting the loss of an access card are described in Annex 1 to the access control regulations.



  • Main building (Oleska 48) room 226 / tel. (77) 452 7226 w. 7226
  • e-mail:

Eduroam wi-fi computer network

Eduroam wi-fi computer network is available to students and employees of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Within the Institute, the eduroam network operates throughout the building at Czaplaka 2 st., in the main hall on the ground floor and in selected places in the hall on the first floor of the building at Oleska 48 st..
The purpose of eduroam service is to provide secure communication within the scientific community. Employees and students of institutions using eduroam can access the Internet at all institutions associated in eduroam (both in Poland and abroad).


Eduroam range map:

Student’s Server

1. WWW – general information:
  • The server supports: php, mysql, mysqli,
  • Users have; 100MB of capacity on your account,
  • The files should be created in the public_html directory,
  • To view the created html page, enter the address:,
  • Pages written in php can be viewed as follows:,
  • Each student has a MySql database established. You can create php scripts with MySql support.

2. MySQL database – general information:
  • Each student has access to a database in MySQL,
  • In order to receive the password and login to the database, please contact the administrators (room. 107INF),
  • Database operations can be performed through the PhpMyAdmin.

3. Server access methods:
  • SFTP protocol, e.g. WINSCP (Windows) – RECOMMENDED, gFTP (Linux),
  • SSH protocol, e.g. Putty (Windows), Linux terminal.

WARNING! SFTP and SSH are secure access methods because their data transfer is encrypted.

To log in use the following data:

    • Server address:,
    • Login: studenta ID No,
    • Password: Same for student mail.

4. List of shell commands available on the server:
Command Description 
cat Displays the contents of the file
chmod Changes the access rights to the file
cp Copies files
echo Displays text on the screen. It also allows you to create files, eg echo “text1”> file1.txt
ee Text editor. To open the file for editing, type ee filename
ln Links to files
ls List directory contents
mc Midnight Commander – file manager. Helps in resource management. There is currently no access to the file editing module
mkdir Creates directories
mv Moves files and directories
rm Deletes files and directories
pwd Displays the current path

  • IT Building, room 107INF / tel. (77) 452 7229 w. 7229
  • e-mail: