Open Lectures

1With great pleasure we invite high school teachers to take advantage of the offer of participation in the Open Lectures cycle organized by the Institute of Computer Science of the Opole University together with their students.
The topics of lectures cover broadly defined fields of computer science and is specifically targeted at high school students of the Opolskie Voivodeship.​

Open lectures aim to present students with interesting scientific and technical issues in the field of computer science. They have a form similar to ordinary lectures conducted as part of studies, which allows presenting the academic world to high school students.

Lecturers are research and teaching staff of the Institute of Computer Science.

Lecture topics:

The subject and date of the lecture are adapted to the needs and possibilities of high schools and the University of Opole. If you are interested in taking part in an open lecture, please contact us – the lecture is organized at the University of Opole directly for the secondary school concerned, at a time convenient for everyone.

Below a list of the proposed lectures:

  • The first millenial problem, or is P = NP, or how to legally earn a million dollars? – dr hab. Lidia Tendera prof. UO
  • Firewall – what is the difference between home and corporate solutions? – dr inż. Adam Czubak
  • Microcontroller LEGO blocks, their construction and programming – dr Jacek Iwański
  • Optimization of data transmission in sensory networks – dr Zbigniew Lipiński
  • TCP and UDP protocol – dr Jolanta Tańcula

The list will expand over time with new topics that will be created based on your suggestions.

Form of lectures:

3These are either lectures in the multimedia room or laboratory classes in one of the computer labs, the name “Open Lectures” is not binding on this point. The number of seats in the multimedia room is 63 and in the computer room 24 (12 computer stands).

Lecture features:
  • the duration does not exceed 1.5h
  • they are free of charge

4Due to the limited number of places, lectures will be organized at the request of a specific teaching institution with an agreement on the date corresponding to both parties. When choosing a topic and date, please consider the time required to prepare the lecture.

Reports from selected open lectures: