Computer Science club

The scientific club of the Institute of computer science is divided into two sections: computer graphics and CyberSecurity. Both sections offer the opportunity to broaden students’ knowledge of the subjects they undertake and work towards scientific research. We cordially invite everyone interested in joining the scientific circle to contact the indicated thematic section.

Cybersecurity section

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The Cyber Security section deals with the subject of IT security with particular attention paid to security in computer networks, including the Internet. As part of the club’s activities, participants conduct real attacks on the Laboratory infrastructure by examining system vulnerabilities to known and new attacks. The purpose of the section is to familiarize students with the topic of offensive security, where they play the role of attackers in order to find security gaps and use them to carry out effective attacks. The research aims of the wheel are to search for new vulnerabilities and vectors of attack on information systems not yet described in the scientific literature.

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Dates of meetings are set together with members of the scientific club in agreement with the teacher. In order to learn about the date of the next meeting, please contact Marcin Szymanek, MSc. The meetings take place in room 108 of the IT Institute or remotely on the Microsoft Teams platform.